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University of Tokyo joins Open Petascale Libraries

The University of Tokyo has become the eighteenth member of Open Petascale Libraries.

The university is a leading player in Japanese supercomputing: originally established in 1965, the Supercomputing Division of its Information Technology Center (ITC) is the oldest academic supercomputer centre in Japan and operates the 1.135 petaflop Oakleaf-FX systems. This Fujitsu PRIMEHPC FX10 system is ranked number 18 on the current (June 2012) TOP500 list, making it the fourth most powerful supercomputer in Japan. Tokyo operates three other systems with a sustained performance in excess of 100 teraflops (a SGI Altix ICE cluster at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) and two Hitachi HA8000 systems at the ITC and at the Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Sciences) and a second PRIMEHPC FX10 system is currently being installed at the ISSP.

Research at the ITC includes work by Professor Kengo Nakajima on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), iterative linear solvers and preconditioners and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), including the use of hybrid parallelism (OpenMP+MPI). 

February 14 2013

International Science Grid This Week's Andrew Purcell interviews Wolfgang Gentzsch

February 13 2013

A well-attended Open Petascale Libraries meeting was held in Salt Lake City on 11th November to coincide with the SC12 conference.

February 01 2013

"Cosmic Web Stripping" is identified as a new way of explaining the famous missing dwarf problem.

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