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OPL Workshop at SC12
Salt Lake City, Utah

Large-scale PDE-based simulations, random number generators and general update and discussion.

Venue: Granite Conference Center, Hilton Salt Lake City Center, 255 South West Temple

Date: Sunday 11 November, 14.00-16.00


Part 1 - Large-scale PDE-based simulations

  • Professor Bill Gropp, University of Illinois: US software development activities
  • Professor Kengo Nakajima, University of Tokyo: Japanese software projects for post-petascale/exascale systems
  • Dr Gerard Gorman, Imperial College London: Development of an OpenMP PETSc
  • Dr Jay Larson / Professor Alistair Rendell, The Australian National University: Fault tolerance in large-scale simulations

Part 2 - Random number generators

  • Professor Kenichi Miura, National Institute of Informatics: Random number generators for HPC
  • Dr Nick Wilson, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe: Initial investigations of open-source RNGs

Part 3 - General update and discussion

February 14 2013

International Science Grid This Week's Andrew Purcell interviews Wolfgang Gentzsch

February 13 2013

A well-attended Open Petascale Libraries meeting was held in Salt Lake City on 11th November to coincide with the SC12 conference.

February 01 2013

"Cosmic Web Stripping" is identified as a new way of explaining the famous missing dwarf problem.

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